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Complete Spray Foam Rig – Basic Rig

Basic Rig

Our basic spray foam rig is a durable, all-weather rig, capable of providing high quality spray foam installation, with easy-to-maintain components. The basic rig comes with the following options:

  • 16ft trailer
  • 19 cfm compressor
  • 25 cfm air dryer
  • work bench with basic tools
  • piped and plumed
  • 200 amp service panel
  • 6 to 8 outlets
  • 5000 btu heater x 1
  • insulated walls, roof, floor
  • 150 ft. of heated hose
  • machine choice gh 25 or ph 25 AP-2 gun

Contact us to learn about pricing and additional options for this rig.

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